Health Bytes – Get Up & Move

There is a growing scientific consensus that the more time you spend sitting the shorter and less healthy your life may be. One recent study correlated sitting time and TV viewing time with increased fibrinogen and C reactive protein; markers for cardiovascular risk. Other studies show increases in diabetes and other health problems.

Science is showing that the hour at the gym or the 3 mile run in the morning cannot compensate for the damage incurred by all that sitting. Not that we should give up our runs or workout routines, but rather we need to add in intermittent activity during the day.

From a chiropractic perspective;
If most of your sitting occurs at a desk at work, hunched forward over a keyboard or tilting your head to one side cradling a phone and/or both; you are staining the cervical vertebrae and causing imbalances in the spine and muscles. The bones of the spine get hung up, pinch off the nerve supply and blood flow to the surrounding tissue.
You may experience neck pain, stiffness, tingling in your hands or fingers, headaches or just discomfort.

People who sit a lot are at greater risk for herniated lumber disc. When we move around the soft discs between the vertebrae expand and contract like sponges taking up fresh blood, with nutrients and oxygen, pushing out waste product. When we sit for long periods of time we are reducing our blood flow and nerve supply to those disc.

Clearly movement is important, but these studies also show the importance of regular chiropractic care to insure that the bones of the spine are not hung up. If you are wondering how to get more movement in just ask Dr. Tom or attend one of his Back Classes. Your health depends on it.


About Dr. Thomas Barnes

Dr. Thomas Barnes is a second generation chiropractic physician empowering people with information to conquer pain and regain their health without the use of medications and surgery.
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