A Year Long Holiday

One of the things we talk about frequently is the food that goes into your mouth. Food choices can drive inflammation or calm it down. We go for the calm it down choices because this helps with your chiropractic adjustments as well as overall health.
As a nutritionist I talk to people about how to make better choices and reduce overall intake. One of the road blocks that most people encounter that knocks them off their good health program is the party mentality that has invaded our society.
If you add up all of the special occasions that we Americans celebrate there is not a month that does not go by without a food fest. Think about it; Americans used to start with Thanksgiving and finish at Christmas but as decades have gone on we have turn common events into food parties. If you start at Thanksgiving in November you can move on to Christmas for December. We also have New Years in January, February is Valentine’s Day with its emphasis on chocolate moving on to March/ April with St. Patrick’s day (ohh, green food and beer) and Easter. Don’t forget somewhere in there is the Super Bowl with its bags of chips and bowls of dip.
May we have Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. June has Father’s Day; followed by July 4th. If you’re catholic or Italian or both there is August and the annual street fairs. September is Labor Day, October Halloween ending right back where we started.
Adding in birthdays and anniversaries you can eat your way through the whole year. It is not just the special day, but Christmas and kids birthdays are a good example of multiple party days. After all if you are small child you celebrate your birthday at school and at home, often twice once for your friends and once for your family. For adults there is the office parties, friends parties and the actual holiday.
This process interferes with the best of intentions and when people ask what should they do to maintain their program, the only thing I can say is don’t celebrate with food or more correctly the unhealthy foods that are normally offered.
Using our next major holiday as an example try some of these suggestion so that you and your family can stay on the road to good health. Put the emphasis on dying Easter eggs and the Easter egg hunt. Skip the jelly beans with their corn syrup and nasty food colorings instead have a small chocolate rabbit that is made from quality products. Don’t eat marshmallow peeps, we use them for games our favorite being peep smash. Skip the ham and lamb focus on asparagus and sweet spring greens, try a vegetarian meal.
Keep in mind as the year moves along the rules of good health apply no matter what day of the year it is and if you are struggling we are here to help, so give us a call.


About Dr. Thomas Barnes

Dr. Thomas Barnes is a second generation chiropractic physician empowering people with information to conquer pain and regain their health without the use of medications and surgery.
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