Tis the Season

Tis the season – for mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, cookies, cakes, eggnog …. How do you stay committed to your nutrition plan during the holiday season with all those social events and edible gifts from friends and family.
You may not be able to completely control your food environment but that doesn’t mean your health goals need to be put away for the holidays. We have a few tips for the season that will help you from being completely derailed from your health goals.
First – don’t give up your exercise routine! Make sure that you include some level of exercise in your daily routine. The holidays are an opportunity for over eating and putting away healthy habits like exercise; by keeping to your routine you can offset some of the negative effects of the season. Exercise helps keep stress in check, help you sleep better as well as keeping those pounds in check.
Secondly, plan those treats! Deprivation will get you nowhere, trying to avoid the cookies your Mom makes only once year will only get you focused on the cookies. Have a cookie or two, in other words plan your indulgences.
Next – write it down! If you get lost in the holiday social calendar and added chores leading to mindless eating then keep a food journal. Writing it down as you are eating (even during the office Christmas party) keeps you accountable.
Lastly – relax! Sit back and enjoying your food; you know eat slowly and mindfully. This will keep you from second/third helpings of mashed potatoes or mindless cookie munching.

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About Dr. Thomas Barnes

Dr. Thomas Barnes is a second generation chiropractic physician empowering people with information to conquer pain and regain their health without the use of medications and surgery.
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