Does Laser Spine Surgery Work?

Dr. Thomas Barnes and orthopedic medical surgeons agree that Laser surgery is not without risks and patients should become informed consumers. Dr. Barnes of Doylestown Fountainville PA area specializes in chiropractic, physical therapy modalities and therapeutic exercises that have been proven safe and effective for the treatment of many disorders including; neck pain, back pain, disc pain, headaches, arm, shoulder, wrist, leg, hip, knee and foot pain. In pain? Start at Barnes Chiropractic with safe, effective low risk approaches. Here’s why;

According to an article published by ONS Orthopaedic & Neurosurgery Specialists “Laser spine surgery has never been studied in a controlled clinical trial to determine its effectiveness. Marketing pitches for spine surgery performed with a laser often make bold promises of pain relief for chronic neck and back pain and a quick return to normal life; sometimes in a matter of days. What is often not clear from marketing hype is that laser spine surgery does actually involve surgery.  An incision is required to allow access to the spine.  A focused beam of light (laser) is then used only to remove the soft tissues over the spine.   Bone and ligament are then removed in order to free the nerve from compression using small instruments.  The laser in laser spine surgery actually plays a very minor role and the laser itself can result in serious complications.”

Lasers are not new to surgery and have been used for decades. Instead of a knife to cut through tissue to get to the spine a laser is used. Once they get there the rest of the surgery is the same. All surgery is invasive. You may be able to debate this based on the size of scar you end up with. But don’t be fooled, the scar goes the whole way in. Here is the thing about scar tissue that most people don’t know. Scar tissue is less elastic than normal tissue; it doesn’t stretch well and breaks or tears easily. Because of its characteristics, the body does a really neat thing so you don’t hurt the tissue. It hypersensitizes the scar tissue with pain sensory nerve endings. This means it will hurt like heck if you stress or strain it and can even cause chronic pain. Medically this means more medications and injections, and more surgery to clean up the scar tissue, which makes more scar tissue. As you can see once you have had one surgery you are likely to have more.

Permanent Change:Once you have had spinal or joint surgery, permanent change has been made to your physical structure. In the spine stress is increased to surrounding joints. Common complicating conditions following surgery of the spine includes recurrent disc herniations and Failed Back Surgery Syndrome. The increase in spinal stress following surgery also causes the spine to be subluxated (knocked out of alignment) more frequently thus the need for more frequent chiropractic care.

The Most Minimally Invasive Approach? Heal yourself and give it time. Start with chiropractic care, start with a diet full of fresh vegetables and start with physical movement and exercise. These are the first 3 steps necessary to rebalance our health, reduce pain and start living again!

Start you’re healing and living at Barnes Chiropractic 215-489-2696.

Dr. Thomas Barnes


About Dr. Thomas Barnes

Dr. Thomas Barnes is a second generation chiropractic physician empowering people with information to conquer pain and regain their health without the use of medications and surgery.
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