Amazing Results at Barnes Chiropractic, Doylestown, Fountainville PA

The following are short stories of seemingly amazing results from chiropractic spinal adjustments at Barnes Chiropractic Center. Spinal adjustments remove stress from the central nervous system allowing the body communicate and work more normally. Chiropractic adjustments give the body a chance to heal, sometimes with amazing results. Give your health a chance, Chiropractic!
Paralyzed Dog Walks after Chiropractic Adjustments!
One of our patients dog was struck by a car. The injury caused the dog to lose all use of its hind quarters and lost all control of its bowls as well as bladder control. A visit to the vet and x-rays soon revealed a broken bone called a compression fracture in the middle of the dogs back. The break was pinching the spinal cord causing the paralysis. The prognosis was dismal and the vet recommended putting the dog down. The patient asked if she could bring the dog to her chiropractor with the x-rays to have him treated. The vet agreed since there was no medical treatment available for this type of injury.
I am happy to say that following 3 treatments the patient stated her dog had regained full use of his bowels, bladder and legs. The chiropractic adjustments reduced the spinal cord pressured which allowed communication from the dog’s brain to reconnect with its lower body and restore function! Cool stuff!

Seizures’ Reduce!
A mother with 4 children had come into the office suffering from weekly migraine headaches. Her headaches resolved within a few weeks of starting care. She asked if I would be willing to evaluate and treat her 8 year old daughter. She told me her daughter was suffering from seizures which started in the second year of her life and had been increasing in frequency since that time. Medications helped control the severity of the seizures sometimes but the frequency was now up to several per day. Her medical doctors told her this was becoming life threatening but had no answers. I evaluated her and began adjusting her upper neck and spine. Following the first week her seizures reduced to 2-3 per day and within a month of care she was down to one seizure per week. The medical doctors reduced her medication and she started performing better in school and begin a semblance of a normal life. The chiropractic adjustments did not cure her seizures’ nor are adjustments given to cure any disorder. Chiropractic adjustments get pressure off the nervous system allowing the body to function more normally and neat things begin to happen! Cool Stuff!

Hives Gone!
A gentleman of 36 years old came into the office for a lower back pain complaint. During the evaluation I noticed he had hives over most of his body. He stated he had started to get them when he was a kid and the doctors told him it was something wrong with his immune system and he would have to live with it. He began his chiropractic treatments and within the month his lower back pain had resolved and interestingly enough his hives went away as well. What we know today is the nervous system controls the immune system. Cool Stuff!

Thyroid Function Returns!
24 year old Judy came into my office with neck pain and headaches. Her history revealed she had been on thyroid medication since she was 18 years old. At 16 years old she had gone thru a windshield during a car accident. Her x-rays showed the normal curve her neck was going completely backward. Judy started her chiropractic adjustments and became very ill during the second week of care. She was showing signs of hyperthyroidism. I referred her to her medical doctor for blood work to test her thyroid hormone levels. The tests revealed her thyroid gland was now functioning normally and the additional thyroid medication was making her sick. The nerves from the lower neck supply function to the thyroid gland. So believe it or not, her medical doctor’s explanation was that her thyroid problem was nerve related and the chiropractic treatments must have “got it working again somehow.” Cool Stuff!

Marathon Runners Disc Gets Fixed
A nationally ranked distance runner entered my office. She was experiencing severe pain in her lower back and down the back of her right leg. She was also having problems controlling the movement of her right foot. She saw the orthopedic specialists and the MRI showed a large disc herniation at L5-S1 pinching on the nerve. The medical doctors prescribed back surgery. The problem with this is this person had a friend who had back surgery for a similar condition, ended up fully disabled and had 3 additional surgeries. So for this athlete surgery was not an option. After performing a complete exam, structural x-rays we began chiropractic adjustments 3 times weekly. After 2 weeks her pain was 90% reduced and in 4 weeks her pain was gone and her foot was working normally. On week 6 she went for a new MRI which showed no signs of disc herniation. The disc had reabsorbed and healed. She was able to return to running and ran the Boston Marathon in her best time ever. Cool Stuff!

Ovarian Cyst Dissolves
A 34 year old mother of 2 entered my office and gave history revealing she had had one of her ovaries removed when she was 21 years old because of an ovarian cyst. Now she brought in a diagnostic ultrasound which showed a grapefruit size cyst obliterating her remaining ovary. Her gynecologist prescribed surgical removal. She still wanted another child and with the surgery that would not be possible. I performed an exam and structural x-rays which showed a moderate curve in her lumbar spine and a rotated pelvis. I referred her to Dr. Chris-Ann Barnes, PhD for nutritional work up who found dietary foods which were pro-inflammatory and toxic. A 3 month course of chiropractic care and lifestyle modification with new whole food application and supplementation was strictly adhered to. The patient experienced resolution of her pelvic and lower back pain. She had a follow up ultrasound performed which showed a normal size ovary, the cyst was gone! Cool Stuff!

Infertile Now Fertile
A 27 year old mother with headaches came into my office for help. Following the evaluation she was studying the nerve chart which showed nerves from the lower back supplying the ovaries. She asked if chiropractic could help fertility problems. She informed me her and her husband had been trying to have a child for over 5 years and had been through 2 top fertility clinics to no avail. They had given up. I informed her chiropractic care was not a cure for infertility but the misalignments in her spine could adversely affect the functions of those organs and that if her problem was nerve related, as the pressure came off her body would have a chance to functional normally again. Well, her headaches resolved and within 3 months she was pregnant. He husband also started care after being in a car accident. They now have 2 children. Cool Stuff!

We sense, adapt and respond to our environment over the central nervous system mainly the brain and spinal cord. Any impairment in this system from spinal problems interferes with our body to work properly. Remove the pressure from the nervous system with a chiropractic spinal adjustment, you work better and amazing things happen.
In Pain? Give yourself a chance.. Call Barnes Chiropractic and set your appointment today!

Dr. Thomas Barnes
Barnes Chiropractic and Nutrition Center, Doylestown Fountainville PA 215-489-2696


About Dr. Thomas Barnes

Dr. Thomas Barnes is a second generation chiropractic physician empowering people with information to conquer pain and regain their health without the use of medications and surgery.
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