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A chiropractor’s goal for patient’s health is to improve nervous system function by improving spinal mechanical integrity. However, it is also known that optimal neurological function requires a narrow, innate balance of omega – 6/omega-3 fatty acids. Human beings evolved on a diet that had a ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids of about 1/1 and today, Western diets are reported to have a ratio of 25/1 and in some cases 70/1. The balance of these essential fatty acids is important for homeostatsis and normal development throughout the life cycle.

Most of our food changes have occurred in the past 150 years and our genetics have not changed. With the increase in pain syndromes, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other illness, it is more important than ever to address a “change back” of sorts to eating in a more genetically friendly way.

Two things that we recommend to our patients regularly – eat more vegetables and fruits and take a fish oil supplement. We suggest a diet that is 80% fresh fruits and vegetables and incorporate modest amounts of grass fed-grass finished meats and organic free range eggs along with wild caught seafood and fish.

Secondly, we recommend the supplementation of EPA/DHA. Fish oil has anti-inflammatory properties that is used for pain reduction, but is also commonly used for patients with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and asthma, as well as other health condtions. Obviously, the supplementation of fish oil will work more efficiently when we make dietary changes. Not all patients are a candidate for fish oil supplementation, if you would like to know if fish oil will work for you consult with your nutritionist or healthcare provider.

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